Dave Mehrman

Creative Director

Dave Mehrman is a creative director, motion graphics designer, colorist and finishing editor who manages creative teams and works as a hands-on artist with agencies and brands across a range of challenging projects. Dave compares his role at 11 Dollar Bill to a Swiss Army knife due to the breadth of his skills and willingness to take on any creative task.

Dave joined the studio full time in 2015 and has more than 15 years of industry experience. After starting on the tech side, he transitioned to creative roles while mastering digital tools as diverse as DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects, and FinalCutPro. He developed a rare ability to manage products from start-to-finish and a deep understanding for each step in the process. A graduate of Columbia College, Dave began his career with Apple and later served as Integrated Media Editor at the Norton Agency and Senior Creative and Producer at Futureman Digital.

View Dave’s editorial work below.

Regal Cinemas “Pool”

Salesforce.com “Manufacturing Heroes”

Repipe Specialists “Walk You Through It”

Zoom “Zoom One”

Sonic “Battle”

Weber Grill “Traveler”

Taco John’s “The Great Debate”

Team RWB “This is Us”

Red Bull “Batting Practice”

Red Bull “Anthony Davis – Rising Sun”